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Young Girl In South Africa
What Does It Take To Help?
Very little! Although life saving medicine costs as little as a dollar a day, many children and families can't afford it.
Why Are Monthly Donations More Effective?
For as little as $30 dollars a month, or about a dollar a day, you can pay for an orphans school fees or desperatly needed medicine.

May I Donate By Check?
Yes,if you prefer to send a check or money order payable in (US Dollars), please address it to

Veronica's Story Foundation
4601 Connecticut Ave. NW #319
Washington, DC 20008


Please be sure to indicate if you are making a one-time gift or if you'd like to become a Recurring Donor.

What Is The Value Of My Donation In Non US Currency?

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South Africa
Here's How You Can Support Orphan Month Through VSF:

Orphan Month started out as World Orphan Week in the UK in 2005 as a way for people to join together to raise money and awareness for the millions of orphaned
children around the world. We now devote an entire month to the cause.

What Can You Do?

Be an Orphan Hero!
For $25/month you can help provide orphaned children with clothing, food, and medicine.

Or You Can Sponsor a Child!
For $50/month, you can sponsor our featured child of the month.

Thank You!